Selling MINECRAFT accounts ASAP

I’m in desperate need of some money so I decided to sell some old minecraft accounts.

100% clean bans,the acc will be migrated on your personal e-mail

10$ on paypal,can lower it down a few bucks

darkkfruit <skype id 


my wallet is safe,since this week sale is pretty bad.(i think that 20€ worth of mistery gifts is enough for this week,don’t you?) 

on a side note i just hit gold 2,wonder if it’s still worth to play ranked to plat since the elo will get a reset anyway

feel like i have to get plat but im lazy


Does anyone wants a free 5€ pin code for EverQuest 2?

Paysafecard keeps sending me free pin codes for games that I don’t play >_>


I usually record professional league of legends streamers then post 2-3 videos / day with a full game of a random streamer. So please,take a second and take a look at my YT channel. subscribe or sharing my videos would help me alot! Thanks for your time.

I can now say that my life is complete. too bad it was not a flawless score

I’ve found this great RP Prepaid cards generator on a site,and I tought why wouldn’t I share,right?

Random giveaway~

I just got an e-mail from paysafecard giving me a random free 5€ card.

But it’s useable only for these games : S4 League ; DC Universe ; Maestia ; Planetside 2

If you wanna win just like and reblog this. I’ll choose the winner on 19.01.2013

I love how the waiting time increases / screenshot.
0 plays // Download?


Texture pack!

does anyone know where i can get thetexture pack that the yogscast are using for the tekkit version?I know its purebdcraft but the textures are slighty different, does anyone where i can get them?

vaticanhound said: hey, i reblogged your code along with mine and i clicked yours, so maybe click mine now? haha

give me your link :)


I am going to make a new pc system and I can’t decide wether to be AMD or Intel.

The god damnit eternal question.

So I’ll just say pro and cons to each one.

AMD pros : - I love the graphics card,wich is gonna allow me play the games without SO high oc and maximun settings ( Radeon HD 6850 1Gb DDR5 256 bits) 

Cons : - Turns hot very fast, and i dont wanna get any surprise AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.00GHz )

Intel pros : - I love the resolution GTX’s allows me to play with my screen (21”)

and I guess if i choose a processor it’s gonna be i3 3.2 ghz

cons: Way more expensive and I don’t wanna get pass 1000$ ( im already at 900 )

So what you guys think? should it be AMD or intel this time? It’s my first time I make a GAMING! pc system and it’s just for me.